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ZLRX1100 'project' in the UK

GaryD Jun 9, 2019

  1. GaryD

    GaryD Supporting Member

    This is for the UK guys….

    Just putting out a feeler if someone wants to take on my ZL1100 refurb as I don’t have time to spend on both of my ZL rebuilds.

    You may or may not know I ‘found’ my old ZL1000 and managed to buy it back. But while it was fully useable it had been neglected for years…so it’s become my passion to strip this down and make it better than when it left the factory.

    But I already had a ZL with a ZRX1100 engine fitted. All running and fine but had been modelled on the Continental street fighter style and had the frame hacked beyond returning to std. (previous owner). So I bought a new frame, had it stove enamelled and have now got it back together as a rolling chassis with the engine fitted.

    I like to think this bike is a bit special as it has ZXR USD forks with a ‘Thug’ set of yokes. The rear wheel has been rebuild using a Busa rim so can take a fat 17” tyre. ZRX motor has stick coils fitted. All standard bodywork has been acquired and quite a few NOS parts to make it look a bit of a street sleeper.

    I have the original headlight & clocks but have on order a Z800 headlight & cowl to set off the ‘modern’ take. There’s also an option for a fully electronic clock/rev counter which I have fitted into one of the original clock housing. Selection of hadlebars and all the alloy recently polished.

    Now the sob story…At 60 I thought I’d be dreaming of retirement and that place on the Spanish coast but my parents are in there late 80s and while good for their age, I’m having to pick up a lot of the admin and physical work for them and spare time just doesn’t seem to exist at the moment.

    I’m embarrassed at how much I’ve spent on this bike but my understanding missus comments that it’s better than spending it all down the pub. Looking for £2k as I recon I could get that for it in bits.

    If you really wanted to steam into it would be back on the road in a week but I get to spend a couple of hours on it every month or two.

    Anyone interested?

    How it was
    As it stands now
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  2. R. J.

    R. J. Supporting Member

    :hello: Nice street fighter. :notworthy:. I retired 10 years ago mostly to take care of my Wifes Mother who is now 95 years old while Deb works. It's starting to be stressful. It's really hard to find time to work on my projects and ride.

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