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zl600 86' just drained itself of oil??

jweldanderson Nov 16, 2018

  1. jweldanderson

    jweldanderson Active Member

    So, my ZL has been off the road for a good long while. I've been building it to my likings from the ground up. With moving, crazy girlfriends, no workshop, excuses, excuses. It's been probably 3.5 years of sitting.
    Well today, I finally got it running on gasoline again (previous just has been starter fluid for diagnosis of other issues with spark and what not)
    I was running the bike the first 15 seconds it's seen since the tear down. Smile across my face, day dreaming of my soon to be finished one of a kind bike and suddenly oil blows the cap off to the gear box or transfer case(I assume) and oil pours out like a water spicket all over my carpet (but priorities, I need to know what happened before I deal with the carpet.) The oil came from the center of the nut. the plastic cap that goes on the ?transfer case? seems loose and would easily vibrate out of place as there is no way to secure it? I can hold the cap on there with pressure and no oil leaks. Is it supposed to be secured somehow or glued or something? Maybe that's the only issue here?
    So what went wrong and what do I need to replace?
    I never broke into the engine except for aa valve job. And I removed the drive shaft upon the tear down. That's it.
    I'll attach some pictures. IMG_20181031_160725908.jpg IMG_20181116_130847608.jpg IMG_20181116_130857760.jpg
  2. VmaxRider

    VmaxRider Active Member

    I don't see much description on the parts fiche on what holds that in. Be careful using starting fluid on CV carbs. The rubber components doesn't like starting fluid very well and will melt the diaphragms.
  3. jweldanderson

    jweldanderson Active Member

    I've read online the fix is cleaning the oil off of both surfaces, with alcohol and and dab or two of permatex is the correct fix. Weird that that's the only thing holding it in place. But after setting for a solid amount of time. It holding up well and not leaking.

    Have not driven it or raised the rpm above idle though.

    I haven't used much starting fluid but still, that is something I was unaware of. Thanks for the heads up, bud.
  4. Ed

    Ed Well-Known Member

    Mine leaked so I ordered a new one. The old one came out easily and the new one was tight so I used a little silicone grease. I would've used sealant on the old one if it was NLA. Rubber shrinks and hardens over time so what're ya gonna to do? I think it had been replaced once before because the new ones don't have the chrome cap.
  5. Fern

    Fern Supporting Member

    Hopefully, it holds up and no more leaking. I see from the first pic you have mounted a gas tank from a Suzuki. I recognize it as it's the same tank on my gs1150. That will give you a long range of travel as it holds lots of fuel. I like the front USD set up too. Good luck!
  6. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

    A long range for my old ass would be about 15 minutes on that seat no matter how much gas in the tank :roflmao:. Cool looking cafe, can't wait to see it done!
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  7. jweldanderson

    jweldanderson Active Member

    Thanks dude! I'm jeaous of your GS1150. I got that tank specifically because of how much I love that bike and what it was in it's day. I had my buddy paint it for me after I had a bit of fab to do. The forks are off of a 93 zx7. I'm going to get the progressive stiletto shocks, hopefully at 15", out back . I need to make sure that height will work with the shafty.

    I read online cleaning the surfaces with alcohol and a couple dabs of permatex will hold that cap on and stop any leaks.... Apparently, its the correct fix, all though it seems a bit iffy to me.

    Ill fix it with a new one once I get this thing down from my second story apartment and ridden around for a couple miles to see if anything else is going on. Then I'll park it again and finish it by replacing and buying new everything . Seals, pads, cables, and so on. Right now I just need to get it on the what other issues arise.

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