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zl400 carb cleaning

Guest Jul 26, 2007

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi all. I have an Eli which a friend of mine helped me strip and rebuild. It had been through hell in a previous life. Anyway this evening on his advice we'll be cleaning the carbs. I have managed to get hold of:

    zl400 microfiches
    ZL600 service manual
    and found it referenced the base manual for carburetor cleaning information. So I looked for this and found that it was the gpx600. I couldn't get a hold of it but I got the zl900 base manual which is the gpz900.

    So, to cut a long story short. What is the fuel height uncompressed and does anyone know (yet another manual request thread) where I can get hold of the relevant pages from the gpx600. The previous owner tells me he still has the manuals on order. :/

    Any help or specific measurement greatfully received. I have tried all the major avenues for documentation and actually found a couple of copies that just didn't pan out. One wanted a text message in Poland and another was a broken link...

  2. ARCHIVE_vin

    ARCHIVE_vin Guest

    Hi Stephen,
    you may want to try posting on the

    zl-oa.com forum.

    It is a much more active site than this one, with a lot of people who log on to both sites and are very helpful.
    Have you tried the search option on this site ? It may throw something up for you to follow.
    Good luck,

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