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ZL 1000 Temp Testing

R. J. Mar 8, 2018

  1. R. J.

    R. J. Senior Member

    :hello: I figured that I'd start a new thread on temp cycle testing. Some time ago I mentioned that I was going to do it on another thread but thought it would be best if I done it in a seperate thread. A few members showed interest. The test was done at a ambient temperature of @ 78*F. Engine idle @ 1140 RPMs. All temperatures are measured in fahrenheit. Test equipment used (#1) CRAFTSMAN MULTIMETER set to fahreneit using a single lead thermo-wire. (#2) CEN-TECK Infrared Thermometer also set to fahrenteit. Calibration was done at 32*F & 212*F. Accuracy on both pieces of test equipment is +/- 3*F. (NOTE) The @ symbol = approximately. * symbol = deg. F. (NOTE) Temps differ a few *F because of rapidly rising temps before pics could be taken. Pic # 1. Ambient Temp. IMG_5458.JPG 78*F. Pic #2 to 4. Temp after @ 3 to 4 min. after engine warms up. IMG_5459.JPG IMG_5460.JPG IMG_5461.JPG @ 160* F. Pic #5 to 7. Bikes fan comes on while engine is running. IMG_5473.JPG IMG_5475.JPG IMG_5474.JPG @ 230*F. Pic # 8 to 10. While engine is running lowest temp measured when bikes fan comes on after the key is turned off. IMG_5465.JPG IMG_5463.JPG IMG_5468.JPG @ 220*F. (NOTE) CEN-TECK readings was taken at the point of the outside of the thermostat housing. CRAFTSMAN thremo lead readings are taken from the inside of thermosat housing with radiator cap on. Also the bikes DAYTONA METERS temp gauge's sensor switch is inside the thermostat housing. The tachs dummy light is disabled. Left side of engine cyn while bike is running & fan is on. IMG_5469.JPG @ 195*F. Left side of valve cover while bike is running & fan on. IMG_5470.JPG @ 181*F. Left lower engine case while bike is running & fan on. IMG_5471.JPG @ 166*F. I used my 2 gal lawn mower test tank while doing these temp cycles. IMG_5451.JPG I lost some coolant while doing this test do to the thremocouple wire being between the thremostat housing & the radiator cap. This test took @ 1 hour & 3 beers.:laughing7:. IMG_5487.JPG
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  2. markus56

    markus56 ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Thanks for taking your time to show us all a thing or two about our cooling system R.J.!
  3. R. J.

    R. J. Senior Member

    :hello: You are welcome. :notworthy:. I used to do all kinds of Temp testing for G. E. Areospace/Lockheed Martin back in the 80s & 90s using multimillion dollar test equipment on multimillion dollar weapons of mass destruction.:laughing7:.
  4. dieselsam

    dieselsam Member

    Thanks for the testing procedure , I will have to convert to Cellcius as virtually nobody this side of the pond can remember Fahrenheit. I have a fluke laser thermometer so I will try it first on rad top .
  5. Harriminator

    Harriminator Senior Member

  6. R. J.

    R. J. Senior Member

    :hello: Dieselsam you are welcome. Glad you find my temp testing thread useful. To chech the accuracy of your Fluke temp meter use the 2 known temps. Freezing point 0 * C. Boiling point 100* C.

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