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Powder Coating Services (3rd Party)

mudrunner88 Apr 16, 2013

  1. mudrunner88

    mudrunner88 Webmaster Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Technical Author Supporting Member

    Mike Golding
    Customs by Mike
    3787 Nina Ct.

    Loganville GA 30052


    Very reasonable rates, and everything is guaranteed against defects of his work for the life of the product.

    Nothing leaves his shop if he wouldn't install it himself (quality wise)

    You can email him with photos of parts for a rough estimate, mine ended up being about $50 cheaper than what he quoted over email


    Results of my parts found here:

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  2. salamander

    salamander Active Member

    Thanks, Mud, for the information. It's always nice to have options available when you decide something needs to be done. This is not something in my near future (ie for Joy's bike) since my goal is to get the bike registered, insured and street-legal for this riding season, but definitely something I would consider for the final touches to the bike to get it back in good condition.

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