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Pods and jets.

zl_havoc Jul 31, 2018

  1. zl_havoc

    zl_havoc Well-Known Member

    I’m sure this has been beat up a million times but has anyone figured out a good jetting setting for the zl900 when we run pods? I’m considering pods because I already have a 4-1 exhaust and my chrome covers on both sides are messed up and broken tabs. Figured it would be easier to run pods then wait for nice side covers to become available.
  2. DirtyRider

    DirtyRider Member

    135s were nice in mine with pods. It had great pull at most rpms with no other upgrades. Stock needles, undrilled slides, stock emulsion tubes and stock pilot jets. I was having surging and sputtering issues that turned out to be crap caught in the ripped up petcock screen. Its been temporarily reduced to nothing but a fuel tap (no reserve!) with inline micro filter until i can afford a pingel.
  3. Not a V-Max

    Not a V-Max New Member

    I had SuperTrapps, +4 degree ignition timing, and K&N pods on my '85. I put a Factory Pro jet kit in it that had #130 main jets and adjustable needles that I set on #3. It had a flat spot in the mid range so I put #38 pilot jets in it. Holy crap that thing was ridiculous. My swing arm and drive shaft was stretched 6 inches. You wanna talk about hellish burnouts and launch. I had a '94 V-Max that would blow it away but you're talking about another 300cc worth of rip snorting motor. I have a 100% bone stock '86 now. No comparison to my '85.

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