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    We need good tech writers that are willing to help out here at ZL-OA. If you like taking photos of jobs as you perform the steps on your repairs, have historical ads/documents from old magazines, or any else you think belongs in the Technical Library than you might be able to help. Send a private message to Furchin, Mudrunner88, Chris, Jarney, Wuputt, or Markus56 and we can lead you in the right direction to get started.
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wuputt Oct 3, 2008

  1. wuputt

    wuputt ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Technical Author Supporting Member


    Feel free to wander around the site! If you are like us, you are in luck! This site has more information and advice available about the Kawasaki Eliminators than you can find anywhere in one spot.

    Please take the time and do yourself a favor and join our membership! There is a LOT of information available that you can't access as a guest.

    Also, we value everyone's opinions and expertise in the maintenance and upgrades of these unique motorcycles. As a member, you can contribute your share and perhaps find a part you have been searching for! You can share your photo's on the fastest growing Eliminator forum in the world!

    I would like our members to voice their experience about the transition from guest to member in this thread.
  2. kawboy

    kawboy Supporting Member Technical Author

    And please post pics of your bike!
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  3. CHRIS

    CHRIS ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    my name is Chris, & though i have not been a member since the very beginning, i am going to have my second anniversary as a member, this comming feb.

    when i found ZL-OA, i browsed the website for about an hour. i was happy to see so many people sharing the same passion for what i think is (the best motorcycle ever built !) i immediately joined, started chatting with members, gained alot of knowledge, & made many awesome friends. some of the adventures, & club get togethers with some of the members, will remain in my head forever ! i've had many great rides, conversations, & just plain crazy times with my ZL-OA brothers & sisters

    i have learned alot of things about my zl's, that i did'nt know before joining, so if you are looking to gain knowledge, meet great people, have a great time at meets, & be around truely awesome people, this is where you want to be !!!!!!!! please take the time to join, & become a member of our family. i promise you this, " you will not regret it ! " sincerely, CHRIS
  4. 2BAD4U

    2BAD4U Active Member

    I am Surprised that there are so many ZL riders out there
    I own a 85 ZL900 with 5600 original miles on it the reason it has such low miles is unclear but it does have a tendency of getting bumped into and then its off to the paint shop. I have after a year of searching found a front fender for my baby. the original was fortunately off the bike when it was damaged beyond repair .this site gives me hope that parts arent as hard to find as i have thought and i am going to be able take her out in public once again . I will be posting pics of my ZL soon
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  5. CHRIS

    CHRIS ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    WELCOME TO ZL-OA 2BAD4U !!!:hello2: glad to have another zl rider aboard !!! we have a great bunch of guys & girls here, so stick around, & feel free to jump in & ask questions, share stories, photo's & more . this is the best forum in the world ! again, WELCOME to our family ! CHRIS
  6. jmac

    jmac Well-Known Member

    When I found this site,I was just looking for parts to fix up my recent purchase.I found a great group of folks who love Eliminators.These guys will do what ever they can to help somebody out.There is not any of the attitude that you find on a lot of web sites.This is a very friendly bunch.I'm glad to be part of it.

    Anyone who has a interest in the ZL series of bikes will find lots of information,parts,and encouragement.Its nice to know when you get stumped,there is a place to ask questions,and get the right answers.

    So give it a shot,sign up and see what you think.You wont be disappointed.
  7. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member


    well some parts are a real pain to find, but if you post up what you need here you will find that the guys are willing to help you locate what you need. Sometimes a member may have what your looking for in a spare parts collection and either give you what you need or sell at a fair price. this site is an excellent resource for parts asistance as well as general knowledge....welcome aboard!
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  8. SnakeDoctor

    SnakeDoctor Senior Member

    Without the people that are on this site, I wouldn't be ANYWHERE near to where I am now to getting my bike finished. Long story on my bike and I'm not going to whinge. 555 My wife lets me slide on stuff but family comes first. I'm really close now though. 555
  9. oledoc2u

    oledoc2u Active Member

    I have recently started looking at sports bikes again, and picked up a Cycle World, and was reading thru it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the word Eliminator. I have missed my '85 ever since I sold it back in '88. Kids kind of got in the way of my riding for yrs. I picked up an old Harley basket case and just finished it. I was starting to look around for an '85 Eliminator...thinking it would be pure luck to ever find one I could restore and get back to those days of 0-60 in 2.2 seconds...lol...they were so ahead of their time...and low and behold, I see this forum site listed...I will be reading for days on here catching up...so, be patient with the old dude, as I bought one new in '85...and have missed her greatly...
  10. SandstoneSmitty

    SandstoneSmitty Senior Member Supporting Member

    Welcome oledoc2u! These guys keep an eye out for Eliminators for sale on different sites. Their experience will help you find a good one!
  11. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    Welcome Oledoc!
    I'm pretty stoked about these Eliminators too! Glad you found us! If your serious about buying and don't mind traveling a little, Bacchus has a real nice example in Phoenix for sale in our Classified Section
    You're pretty close to Jarney in New Castle so plan on meeting up wth us sometime this coming riding season! Enjoy the club!
  12. zl900_moab

    zl900_moab Senior Member

    Nice group of people that will bend over backwards to help....Except lowlife, (He's a jerk...Teehee...) they are all GREAT!


  13. oledoc2u

    oledoc2u Active Member

    thanks for the welcome...I get thru New Castle all the time...can't believe I haven't seen one...but I haven't, lol....I am finishing up a car project, so I won't get serious until summer, but I do want to own another one...I use to kick butt with mine all the time...original going to purchase a v-max until I rode the Eliminator...love at 1st ride...can't believe the interest in these bikes after 25 yrs....I thought I was the only one...lol
  14. CHRIS

    CHRIS ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    welcome to the forum oledoc2u ! nice to have you here ! :thumbsup: CHRIS
  15. paulfun

    paulfun "King Of The 1/4mi (Internally Stock)"

    welcome to zl-oa!!
  16. SO CAL ZL

    SO CAL ZL Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    You won't regret a moment of your involvement here!

    I acquired a ZL in '08 and then joined this group. Since then, I've spent the time reading and absorbing all I could from the ZL-OA forums and technical library. This site is an invaluable resource...unmatched elsewhere. The collection of technical first-hand knowledge is unbelievable! The spirit of cooperation and genuine desire to help solve problems will blow you away; these folks are a dedicated bunch of good people.

    Much hard work, time and money has been invested here to make this thing the success it is today. There's members here from all over the world; try it....you may get hooked!

  17. markus56

    markus56 ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member


    Greetings and Welcome!! There are actually two Eliminators in New Castle, one black one and one red one! You won't find a place with a more obsessive group of people about these bikes.....that's a fact! Enjoy the site!!:cool:
  18. adrenalinejunky81

    adrenalinejunky81 Active Member

    I finally took a few minutes to look around. Ive owned zx11's (latest one now has an inch of dust on it in the back of the garage :banghead:) and now most recently an 86 zl9 which needs some resto from sitting.

    Registration to the site was painless, Bacchus hooked me up with some much needed parts :headbang: and hoping to get a track day or a good ride in sometime soon...
  19. Nunique

    Nunique Active Member

    Was referred to this site from the Kawasaki site - and man am I glad I took the time to come and have a look at the site and register - because when I first laid eyes on my ZL... ok wait maybe I should start from the beginning.

    Hubby decided in Sept this year that it was time him and I get to do something together at first we were just going to get one bike and I'd pillion - but then thankfully he had a brain wave of getting me my own bike.

    He has a beemer (poor lad)...

    We started shopping for my ride - and came across an ad for the sale of a 1985 ZL600 Eliminator - now these bikes are pretty scarce here in beautiful SA (often still find people coming to look at the bike and indicating they have never seen let alone heard of the Eliminator).

    So we ride out to go and have a look at the bike, in passing I see the bike - was at night and the light wasn't all that great but I just knew that was the bike I wanted.. two weeks later he (yes HE lol) was parked in the drive way :)....

    And have to be honest I don't regret my choice 1 bit, love everything about the bike - would just like to change the exhaust system as apparently that is the only thing on the bike which is different to what the original came out as.. so far I'm not planning on changing the colour scheme of the bike at all (but who knows maybe one day I will)

    I still have a lot to learn - so definetly spend most of my time on the technical forums sadly most of you guys are so far away the chances of hooking up for a ride is slim to none unless I win the lottery.... ;)
  20. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    Welcome Angie!

    Well if you ever win the lotto be sure to come to the states, we'd be glad to have ya! i sure could use a nice lotto win too:thumbsup:

    There's a member down there I think his name is Wayne in Capetown

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