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ARCHIVE_Rick_in_WA Nov 5, 2006

  1. I know there is probly a section to post this, but .......
    I am a new ZL900 owner after many years of searching and lack of funds I managed to get a "project" but compleat bike for less than a 200.00 investment. Items I will need first off are: rear grab bar, passenger seat, and of course the perverbial side covers.....lol.........
    I hope to enjoy this site as much as I do the other kawasaki boards I am a member of, And should any-one want to ride the Pacific North west drop me a line this is some of the best rideing to be found in the entire country.
  2. ARCHIVE_zlMark

    ARCHIVE_zlMark Guest

    Hey dude great deal!, sure wish i could run across a zl1000 like that! All i can say about parts is EBAY! :cool:
  3. at

    I had been looking for a while, tried to trade a near showroom 85GPZ900 for one a couple times..... the ZL900 is either too hard to find or too expensive once you do find one, this one being a project its kinda exciting......
    and that zl-oa.com site hasnt sent me the link? or nessasary info yet, any idea how long that takes?
  4. Looks like someone started stripping the bike for parts. But as long as it runs then its a great deal since I spent that much for a set of used carbs.
  5. The side covers were taken off, ~small chrome ones are missing~ the rear seat section is missing as is the upper grab bar, the kicker to this entire deal is the 86vn750 he tossed my may to close it.<great engines, on a goofy platfrom.
  6. ARCHIVE_doode

    ARCHIVE_doode Guest

    hey Greetings Rick in WA.........this is Dude in Vic

    loll......Good score!!.........i have a mate in Japan,,,can get his hands on most stuff.......

    PM me&ill pass on hes details,,

  7. Greetings Rick

    Greetings Rick. Looks like your scoot needs a little love. I agree that ebay is an excellent source for parts. I have an attic full of spare parts from that very place. I also got a "wrecked" 900 from the Bronx for $365 and most of the parts to fix for not much more. Not bad for a bike that will be worth 10 times that when complete (not that I'd part with it).
    Here's a tip: You'll note that the shocks on that Vulcan look the same as those on the Eli. The difference is that the Vulcan shocks are 1" shorter. For that "bad a!#" look put a 200 tire and those shocks on your Eli. I did it on my 1000 and it's cool. I just have to cut the rear inner fender and remount the license plate for the full affect.
    As for the side covers, I might have spares and you can still buy the carb covers. Check bikebandit.com and you get a discount as an AMA member.
    Post the parts that you need. Eli owners are mostly cool people and will most likely hook you up at a fair price.
    I look forward to chatting with you and the group. Good luck.
    Ken in PA
  8. ARCHIVE_gosupes

    ARCHIVE_gosupes Guest

    Rick, what city are you in? When you get the Eli back up and running, give me a holler and we can go tear up some roads.
  9. I am in Port Angeles,.. and yea We will tear up some roads, I love this country, Best rideing in North America ~IMO~... next year a group of us ~other Kawasaki Message board~ are going to do the 101"loop", drop me your phone number sometime we can bs Eliminators... and maybe network alot of these other parts I have... lol.....
    101 Loop
  10. Re: Greetings Rick

    Thanks for the offer on the side covers but I do have those, I got a grab bar assy, and the outer rear fender cover for less than 80 bucks deliverd..... as for the 200 rear tire, mine currently has a 170 on it and I dont see any room for a 200, I dont think a 180 would fit very close to swingarm..........
    Item: I would like to ask about: GAS CAP... mine is missing the underside parts... anyone have a replacement or has anyone put on a diff style of cap?...........
    I rode this beast the other day...carbs are wayyyyy out,....but the engine is soild and sound actually alot quieter than my 85 GPZ is. ... hitting the dennis Kirt book for stainless braided lines... and going to put on the stock airbox, I will then need the chrome covers.... I have the black ones ...
    This has been nearly a 20 yr dream to get one of these that I could afford to invest some time into... meanest looking factory bike ever made, ... target date for road worthyness is March 07,,,,
  11. ARCHIVE_gosupes

    ARCHIVE_gosupes Guest

    I was up there for the Oyster Run in Anacortes in '05 but didn't make it this year. Sadly enough, no one to ride with. The weather was perfect too. Wanted to ride over to the Testicle Festival in Montana but the weather went to hell that weekend. Anyway, I'll PM you my cell #. The 101 ride looks cool, I have one other buddy that rides a Kawi, a ZX12. I have drove most of those roads at one time or another, but not on the bike.

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