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My Zl600 just drained itself of oil....

jweldanderson Nov 16, 2018

  1. jweldanderson

    jweldanderson Active Member

    So, my ZL has been off the road for a good long while. I've been building it to my likings from the ground up. With moves, crazy girlfriends, no workshop, excises, excuses it's been probably 3.5 years of sitting.
    Well today, I finally got it running on gasoline again (previous just has been starter fluid for diagnosis of other issues with spark and what not)
    I was running the bike the first 15 seconds it's seen since the tear down. Smile across my face, day dreaming of my soon to be finished one of a kind bike and suddenly oil blows the cap off to the gear box (I assume) and oil pours out like a water spicket all over my carpet (but priorities, I need to know what happened before I deal with the carpet.) The oil came from the center of the nut.
    So what went wrong and what do I need to replace?
    I never broke into the engine except for aa valve job. And I removed the drive shaft upon the tear down. That's it.
    I'll attach some pictures. View attachment 38713 View attachment 38714 View attachment 38715 View attachment 38713 View attachment 38714 View attachment 38715 View attachment 38713 View attachment 38714 View attachment 38715 View attachment 38715 View attachment 38714 View attachment 38713
  2. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

    Damn. Too much oil maybe. Never saw anything like that before.

    Dawn dish detergent for the carpet.

    Cool looking scoot though, hope you get it off the carpet and on the road soon.
  3. jweldanderson

    jweldanderson Active Member

    Thanks for the carpet fix and wishes!

    If this ever happens to anyone else in the future. For that cap that blew off, I've read that a dab or two of permatex should seal it back up and hold it in place. I found no O-ring or anything needing be replaced, so thats all I did. It seems wrong to have gasket maker the only thing holding it in place. So, I am allowing 24 hours of dry time, then I'll fill her back up with oil and try again. Pretty odd indeed.
  4. furchin

    furchin ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    You are doing the correct repair for the bevel cap. I hope you made sure that all surfaces were dry of oil before applying sealant.

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