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Kawasaki ZL 600 doesn't start, backfires

Karlijn Feb 20, 2019

  1. Karlijn

    Karlijn New Member

    Hey all,

    So last october I bought my first motorbike, the ZL600. I put the stock airbox back in, drove it for a few weeks and life was good. I put it in the garage for 2 months (due to me being wuss and a dislike for the cold). Started it back up a week ago. first time, it started (after a few tries). Second time (same day) started without trouble. Next day, it wouldn't start whatsoever. Last week I have been looking at it almost daily, but since I don't really know about bikes I can't figure out why it won't start.
    - Spark plugs work fine
    - Got fuel in the carbs
    - Does not run with starter fluid/easy burning gas at all
    - Start motor is rotating but engine won't turn over
    - It has backfired a few times now (big bang from exhaust pipe)

    If any of you have an idea what it might be or how to fix it I'd love to hear it!
  2. Harriminator

    Harriminator Senior Member

    Sounds to me like starter clutch failure, sometimes slips through and sometimes engages. Well known to the 900 but just my guess, ZL600-experts here will join in to help! :)
  3. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

    Didn't read too good on that. I'm with the Harriminator. Try rocking it in second to see if it gets to a good spot and catches a gear.
  4. Ed

    Ed Active Member

    Sounds rich. Was it rejetted to work with open filters before you put the stock box back on?
  5. R. J.

    R. J. Senior Member

    :hello: When you installed the air box to carb boots was they dry rotted. Did you check for cracks. Last month I used your trick for installing my ZL 10 carb boots. :notworthy:. You might try doing away with the vacuum emission hoses & plugging off the ports on the carbs. Tie wrapping.jpg

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