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Feeling crap check this out!

Trojan441 Aug 30, 2018

  1. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

    How about eating something that you loved as a kid and haven't had in a long time and wondering how you ended up enjoying that so much back then.

    Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies

    Holy smokes how did I love those so much as a kid?
  2. GaryD

    GaryD Supporting Member

    TBH, I'm deeply suspicious about the bananas we eat...in the old days you had 2-3 days to eat them before they were mush.

    These days, if I've left them a week, they are still as fresh as the day I bought them.
    just hoping whatever is in them is keeping me young!!!
  3. basket case

    basket case Well-Known Member

    I dunno 'bout all that other stuff but... nanner technology has come a long way with better shipping and storage and such. As for the rest I'd have to rely on what my 96-year-old grandfather told me years ago...Anything in moderation... He was a bus driver right up to the end. When I go I hope to go the way he did, peacefully in his sleep.
    Not screamin and yellin like all his passengers!...(haha) we're all in this together... Keep yer stick on the ice! Thanks Dave.
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