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eBay Bidding Threads

zlMark Apr 18, 2010

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  1. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    In the past we have tried to have a honor system where members don't bid against each other running the auction up. This as of lately has brought up alot of bickering. To me it's an eyesore on these forums. Let's face it, if I need a part for my bike and I'm willing to pay what it takes to win an auction then I should be able to bid freely on that item, just like any other person out there with an eBay account. So please, do not post anymore "Please don't bid against me" threads.

    If there is a part that you need post up in our "Free" Classified Wanted section. We do have members with parts bikes and spare parts who are willing to sell to help someone out!
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