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Discontinued Kawasaki Eliminator ZL parts

Jarney May 21, 2013

  1. Jarney

    Jarney Strip Warrior Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Ok, in the links below are the list of part numbers that are considered discontinued or no longer available for the 1987 Kawasaki Eliminator ZL1000 and 1985 Kawasaki Eliminator ZL900. This information was taken straight from Kawasaki's website. Most of this stuff is just nuts and bolts and washers, etc. There are some parts listed that have "Active" part numbers due to parts being "Superceded" - which I think is just beause Kawasaki does not always have their website up to date. There are also some part numbers that have other notes such as "See Dealers Substitute Parts List", "Interchangeable With Part Number XXXX" and "Limited Quantity". This isn't really anything to read or look at - unless you are bored out of your skull and have a lot of time to kill, but will hopefully come in handy or be of some use to someone in the future.

    These lists will allow us to search on this site for these part numbers without going through everything on Kawasaki's website or relying on other parts sites and their fiches - which a lot of times will list parts as Active, when really they are not - again, websites are not always up to date and it can be a pain to go through all that if you have a crappy internet connection and it really stinks when you order the so called "Active" part, then wait and wait only to get a message from the parts store that it has been discontinued. So if you have a part number and you want to see if it's actually available, type or copy and paste it in the search feature on this site and if it shows up under the Parts area, then it is discontinued - unless there is some other note along with the part number. Another option is to go to the Parts area, open the thread of the bike you are looking at parts for, then in Internet Explorer, you can click on "Edit" at the top of the page, then click on "Find on This Page" and type in or copy and paste the part number and see if it shows up (it will highlight it if it is on that page and show you how many "Matches" on that page). In the future if you find a part number that has become discontinued, obsolete, interchangeable, no longer available, or just something that I missed, contact an administrator or moderator or submit a post in this thread and we can check into it and edit these lists as needed. I or someone will probably work on other lists in the future (these are mostly winter projects), other bikes or lists for the major parts only as opposed to a "full" list that includes every nut and bolt, etc, like we have here. Hope this saves everyone some time and is of use to us. Later.

    Discontinued parts for the 1987 Kawasaki Eliminator ZL1000:


    Discontinued parts for the 1985 Kawasaki Eliminator ZL900:

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  2. acevmp

    acevmp Member

    really good idea... I have a zl-6 but it's still a pain sifting through part numbers... well done
  3. HilbillyRokstar

    HilbillyRokstar _________________________ BANNED

    Yeah thank you my brother. I will be going through the list and ordering accordingly.
  4. rkerg

    rkerg Senior Member

    thank you Jarney. I used that for ordering a part that they had changed the number on.
    Don't know why they did that because its exactly the same part as far as I can see.
    Maybe a different supplier.
  5. ric

    ric Member

    Truly a labour of love.
    Maybe a ZL600 list in the works, I hope
  6. R. J.

    R. J. Supporting Member

    :hello: I ordered a new front brake light switch for my ZL 10. Part # 27010-0025. It is not listed for the ZLs but it will fit the ZL 6, 7.5, 9 & 10. IMG_7658.JPG

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