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Attn: Zloa bro's --need your help !!

Bacchus Nov 13, 2010

  1. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member

    Ok guys here's the deal.... I have found a factory pro dyno for sale locally, it is priced at pennies on the dollar. took a look at it yesterday and I am wanting to make the buy of a lifetime offer on monday. problem is I am short the cash to pay for it. the store does not have the funds to cover this purchase and If I take the money out of my regular bank account.. well, I prolly be sleepin' on one of your couches in the very near future...

    so here is what I gotta do.... clear out inventory ASAP. I have just set up the ebay store to begin the "Dyno Days" sale and all of my used items will be 25% off starting at 9:10 am. please have a look and if you have been watching an item or there is something I have that you could maybe use at sometime in the future please buy it !!! As most of you know I also have new item stock but I did not put that on sale because I would have to figure what I can do on each item individually... but now would be the time to get in touch with me on new stuff too !!

    anyone who wants to talk to me about items or if price is an issue for you, please PM me with your phone # and I will call you ASAP.

    This is going to be job one for me this weekend. If possible I would prefer to do as much sales outside of ebay as possible as this would cut costs and help make sure I dont come up short for this dyno.

    If you have been watching any of my items or thinking about making ZL parts purchases, NOW is the time to get a deal...!!!! will liqudate new item stock at my cost !!!!

    to any one who makes a purchase during this time let me say THANK YOU !!! upfront and in advance... I really appreciate it this cannot and would not be accomplished with out the assistance of the ZL-oa members.

    Here is a link to the store... http://stores.ebay.com/modernclassicmotorsports
    please dont be shy about making any offers !

    BTW-- also have a ZL9 for sale !
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2010
  2. snap2it

    snap2it Well-Known Member

    Hi John,

    thanks for calling me. I will get that money together ASAP. As usual have to wait for the bank to clear a check. If I get lucky it might clear by Fri the latest. IF it clears sooner I will call you and PM and send it with the core parts we discussed. I wish I could do it sooner.


  3. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member


    thanks for your help, I am happy to work with you !!
  4. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    Guys this is one deal you cannot pass on!
  5. lowlife

    lowlife ZL Mad Scientist Technical Author Supporting Member

    Good luck on getting that dyno. I'd love to have one
  6. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member

    thanks bro ! Im trying like he!!
  7. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member

    thanks to everybody who got ahold of me yesterday !! you guys are great, Im not outa the woods yet on this so please get ahold of me if you need ZL stuff

    anybody need a jet kit???
    I have four factory pro in stock stage 1 & 3 for both zl9 & zl10

    I also have the EBC street racer HD clutch kit here
    Kevlar friction plates and extra strength springs

    I have a good supply of the manual cam tensioners..

    Factory pro shift kits for zl9\10

    oem & pod style K&N filters

    Progressive suspensnion fork pump tools

    and a metric $hit ton of ZL parts...! I will not refuse anything close to a reasonable offer !!

    will also have a set of polished ZL1000 rims available next week !

    I can also get just about any oem or aftermarket parts you may want or need!! current pricing is too low to post... please contact me if you are interested in any ZL item !

    once the sale is over it is over..... so if you are reading this post after it is done please do not expect to pay these prices !
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2010
  8. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member

    guy with dyno called today and will cut price down to 4g.... could use a few more bucks to cover this tab so if anybodys got a pruchase they are planning to make, now would be a great time !!

    thanks to all who have jumped in and got a deal on some of the stuff I have on sale...

    sale ends tomorrow...last call boys

  9. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    John I'll take a 60 psi suspension pump. Get it in the mail and PM me what I need to send ya
  10. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member

    pm sent ... thanks mark!
  11. tmdoth

    tmdoth Senior Member Supporting Member

    PM sent
  12. Bozang1

    Bozang1 Well-Known Member

    How are you making out with this? Are you close? Are you close enough that it's worth the fight with the old lady? Explain to her how you could make big money with this and it may only temporarily set you back slightly but your not gonna lose your house or anything. If she still doesn't understand just do it. She'll get over it...
  13. Rice Paddy

    Rice Paddy Active Member

    Right now I need a shifter and a brake pedal, maybe front footpegs,
    Got any of that for sale ? If so I would be glad to purchase
  14. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member

    pm sent RP.

    made the man an offer on the dyno .... I hope to have the rest of the cash and make payment by tomorrow or friday. still a few bucks short and there are several guys out there that are probably going to be making a few more purchases by that time so we are very close....I am pretty sure that one way or another this is getting done. thanks to all who have helped out and also to those guys that will be making purchases throghout the rest of this week.... special thanks to all!!!
  15. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member

    dyno update-- check cut and in the mail today!
  16. Bozang1

    Bozang1 Well-Known Member

    Fantastic! I'm happy for you man. Looks like Christmas is coming early hahahahaha
  17. stevepierson

    stevepierson Well-Known Member

    check pm please
  18. Hellion

    Hellion Senior Member

    Am glad I was finally able to help a ZL brother out for a change!
  19. mudrunner88

    mudrunner88 Webmaster Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Technical Author Supporting Member

    Did you get the dyno home yet?
  20. Bacchus

    Bacchus Senior Member Supporting Member

    yep dyno is in my garage, now I have to pay factory pro for thier proprietary software... this was not collected when the dyno was repo'd.
    thieves making off with my equipment is not helping me out much on this unfortunately... Id love to see a coupla loseres trying to hand a dyno over the wall...lol.... just one more reason Im workin' and a MC parts biz.... dyno's are nearly impossible to steal

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