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Always the 3rd rod (not mine)

Harriminator Dec 28, 2018

  1. Ed

    Ed Active Member

    My 600 doesn't have a limiter. Popping outta gear, it went over 12,000 RPM and sounded like a 2-stroke. I rode it hard after that to make sure I didn't hurt it. The 900 red line appears to be oriented for mechanical limitations and the 600 for peak HP(?).
  2. slug

    slug Senior Member

    And here was me the whole time thinking i was ringing her to death - my excuse is I must just always change in tune with the peak of the HP curve! :cool: Still maybe this is why my block is still together at 136,000kms (and always warm it before riding).

    I hit the limiter in my car all the time, so this really does surprise me about the ZL.

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