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87 ZL-600 cutting out when down shifting

MaydayMark Mar 15, 2019 at 1:37 PM

  1. MaydayMark

    MaydayMark New Member

    Hey guys! I am new to the forum but have a 1987 Kawasaki ZL-600 eliminator. I bought it last summer and it road great for about 2 months. Quick, responsive and easy to cruise! I then ran into some problems where it was dying on me whenever I would pull the clutch in and let off the throttle, or downshift coming up to a light. I took it to the mechanic here in boise and they said no problem we will take care of it, we probably need to sync your carbs and replace some seals! I said spare no expense and get it running like before! BTW my bike only has 18,000 original miles and a clean title! I am the 3rd owner. Anyways, I get it out of the shop and on my way home does the same thing dies on a downshift coming up to a light! I take it back 2 more times and they charge me around $1400 and had my bike in the shop for close to 4 months, "waiting for parts." They finally said they had someone ride it and it was fine and all fixed. An hour later on what I thought was my victory ride, it does the same thing. Now when it dies, it won't just start right back up! I usually have to wait 20 minutes slam open the throttle drop it into gear and race toward my house. Sometimes to get it running I have to open the choke all the way to get it to start and then drop it in gear and race home. I don't know what the problem is and I am so furious at the mechanic who did the work I will not let them touch my bike again! Have any of you had this problem? I am at my wits end with this bike but love it so much where I don't want to get rid of it! Please help anywhere I should start first? Another mechanic where I recently just bought another bike at said it sounds like its not getting air. But I have read that these bikes CDI unit is notorious for causing issues! Any ideas you guys....? Here is my bike....
    20180320_163725.jpg 20180319_164941.jpg
  2. furchin

    furchin ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    First off if you were riding the bike and had a cdi issue the bike would simply shut off without notice, no losing power or bogging down. To me it sounds like a vacuum issue in that the bike is starving for fuel. Try this test, take a ride with the fuel cap open and see if the problem is still there. Preferably if you have a second key I would insert it into the cap and then unlock and open the cap when the issue arises. Doing it this way would prevent gas from leaving the tank if it is full of fuel. If the stumble or bogging down issue is cured the fix is simple. Let us know what this test does.
  3. markus56

    markus56 ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    That's a very nice looking ZL600 you have there!

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