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3 900s for sale with tons of parts extra engines etc.

88vmx12 Jan 24, 2016

  1. 88vmx12

    88vmx12 Member

    Sorry to be the guy that hasn't been on here forever then show up to sell out. :cry:

    I have 3 900s that I had planned on building and keeping one for myself. I have ridden one of them after I had Rick go through the carbs. This winter is the first time since I have had them, that they sat outside. Mind you they are not beauty queens they need built. There are extra sets of rims, one set of new tires, totes and totes of parts, 2 extra engines that will be needing to be used I am sure. Very few nos parts.I want to sell them as a lot. The bikes are in southern Idaho, bring your truck and trailer. Best offer takes all. Pictures upon request, honestly too much stuff to take pictures of it all. Please come get it I want my garage shelves back from the tote storage... Lol

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