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1986 ZL600 Registry

TrustinHim Oct 13, 2011

  1. Ayeitscg

    Ayeitscg Active Member

    Thanks dude! And the license plate already is down by the swing arm. Here’s another pic of it!

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  2. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

    What I'm suggesting is that you run the wire under the seat, on top of the fender, tie it to the swing arm where it pivots (allowing for the slight movement as the suspension works) and along the shaft to clean up the look. Some zip ties go a long way. Chucking multiple wires up in a drill and slowly twisting them before you run them makes for a good look if you don't want to run them in a loom.

    It looks hacked the way the wire is hanging out in the wind and it's not the best thing for the wiring to have it moving like that every time the suspension cycles.
  3. Ayeitscg

    Ayeitscg Active Member

    Oh! Sorry I misread that. I was thinking the same thing when I first got the bike but I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Thanks for reminding me!
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