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1986 ZL600 Registry

TrustinHim Oct 13, 2011

  1. Stan

    Stan Member

    How's it goin I have an 86 zl600 mines 03357 has 15500 miles runs good been riden it all year got it in Feb of 2015.
  2. mrkim45

    mrkim45 Member

    zl600 with 20,000 miles on the clock and I'm getting ready to clean the carbs, any suggestions.
  3. Jarney

    Jarney Strip Warrior Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

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  4. canadianzl6

    canadianzl6 Member

    Ryan Malenfant, Windsor, Ontario Canada stock work in progress 0303 49000 km
  5. Paulzilla

    Paulzilla New Member

    IMG_0069.JPG I just bought a 1986 ZL600 (vin: 4942) with 9,330 miles on it. It runs quite well and seams to be in great shape. I'll be replacing the tires and fork seals next week, but other than that it's gas and go.

    Back in the early 1990's I owned a ZL900 and I really like it but I hated having a 80 mile gas range on the tiny tank. At the time is was my only bike, now the ZL600 is one of three bikes in my garage, so it doesn't have to be the perfect bike. I have other options.

  6. musabinu

    musabinu Member

    I bought my 86 zl600 (VIN: 0522) in 2014 with 20,426 miles. I have learned and fixed many things on this bike and it now has 23,700 miles and counting.
  7. Invictaview

    Invictaview New Member

    I've just done a deal on an 86 ZL600. Viewed and assessed it on Saturday 15th July and left a deposit. I will be collecting, what is my first ZL, in a few weeks.
    This bike appears to be in very good, original conditon, with just over 23,000 mls showing and everything works, and it sounds sweet.
    It came to the UK, from the U.S, in 1992, and has been owned by the same guy here in the UK, for 21 years, and then his wife for the last four . I will post some more details when I get my hands on it on the 05th August!
  8. ZLrider

    ZLrider Well-Known Member

    I have one too. Got it from a friend who bought it new, when he gave up riding. He thought it was too fast and bought it only because it was red. Currently has 9500 miles and is completely stock. VIN ends in 1326.

    Love the bike, suits me perfectly. Only gripes I got is wish it had a center stand and a kick start.

    What is the purpose of this registry though? I was hoping maybe somebody had plotted all the ZL owners on a map. Would be cool to see how near each other some of might be and not know it. When first signed up here, there was another guy who lived 10 mins away. His name is Clint, but think heard that he sold his bike. Nice guy, he rubbed my tank out for me and made it look new again.
  9. 38Poet

    38Poet Member

    '86 ZL600
    Vin: 0146
    Miles: ? (po added a new speedo)
    Stock as far as I know, other than the speedo.
    Currently doesn't run, but I'm tearing her down bit by bit to rebuild her.
  10. Michel Rapp

    Michel Rapp New Member

    My 1986 ZL 600 A 1 IMG_0751.JPG IMG_0823.JPG IMG_0750.JPG
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  11. Badgerroy

    Badgerroy Member

    1986 zl600a
    Vin 2217
    Miles 21153
    Mint condition and completely standard.
    Imported from the states in 1995 and now based in Wiltshire in the UK.
  12. Mark90

    Mark90 New Member

    1A8CF774-689A-4CBC-9E8F-11737A79E12F.jpeg FB10B339-1A3D-410D-8798-1D8927A8AC3F.jpeg Got one to love this dang thing had to put a good bit of work into it but running good, 86 zl600A, last 6 vin# is 002129, someone laid her down couple times, whoever fixed that part did and amazing job with the paint and “not to in your face” flame paint job, wish I still had the Kawasaki emblems along with the zl600’s on both sides, but really I love it, Mark.

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