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  1. slug
    @Harriminator yeah its one of those funny things that our southern hemisphere christmas holidays are all about sun, beaches and nice riding weather :) :happyfaceputt5k:
  2. elpelado
  3. Harriminator
    The ZL750 is actually the same bike as the ZL900, only smaller displacement, different main jet and additional rear fender. Was built for Japan only so all manuals available are in Japanese, but...
  4. elpelado
    Yes friend!! you're right! What a good observation I'll put it in the correct position By chance it is possible to get the service manual for my 750? In my country there is no information about...
  5. Harriminator
    I mean the right footpeg where this plastic guard is fixed by 2 screws; for me it looks like the slanted side is backwards but should show forward like a 'sail on a boat'. Maybe you compare with...

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